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Feist d.o.o. - Production of barriers and parking locks
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• Feist d.o.o. - registered company

Feist d.o.o. was founded in Zagreb in 1978 by Ivan Feist and offers the following services: design and production of ventilator und air conditioning systems, central heating, plumbing, industrial dust extraction, locksmith and advanced metalwork.

• Feist d.o.o. - from services to production

A new product! The flip parking lockA new product! The flip parking lock

The innovation: The unlocking and built-in self-locking mechanisms are protected by patent in order to prevent others from legally exploiting the idea behind this solution.

This idea, transformed into an innovation by patent, is the result of many years of theoretical expertise and practical experience. The product is registered as Zaštitni preklopni stup (flip protection post). » More about the product

• Feist d.o.o. - the evolution of the lock - from the idea to its application

The creation of a new product - from its design to actual construction, market launch and commercialization - requires various phases during which the idea is approved, deferred for a better opportunity or even discarded.

In fact, few new solutions see the light of day. The development of an innovative product involves the risk of uncertainty. Patience, perseverance as well as financial investment are a necessary part of the development process from the innovative idea to the finished product (technical adaptation of the idea, assessment study, check for hidden defects, construction of a prototype, production of the finished product).

Feist d.o.o. took on this business challenge and decided to adopt a new product and introduce a new technology. And so the company started the production of its first product: the flip parking lock.

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